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MUŠUTIŠTE - Scarf - Toronto

MUŠUTIŠTE - Scarf - Toronto

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Elegant, satin silk scarf in royal blue color, On its edges it wears the Cross of Metohija in champagne white color. The silky sand version has a blue embroidery. This luxurious accessory seamlessly combines the rich cultural heritage of Serbian monasteries with the opulence of pure silk, making it a true masterpiece.

As you wrap this exquisite piece around yourself, you'll not only feel the softness of silk but also the rich history and cultural heritage of Serbia. It becomes a wearable piece of art that adds a unique dimension to any outfit, whether you wear it casually or on special occasions.

We also had to sew it in white, so that it would be with you in the most important moments. Brides have already worn them at their church weddings, students at their diploma defense, and now it's time for them to shine at a baptism. Take MUŠUTIŠTE with you everywhere.



Dim: 25 x 150cm

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