House of Mati is an up and coming fashion house based in Serbia. While still being relevant and modern, Mati goes beyond fashion and has a strong cultural, educational and humanitarian aspect to it. Mati’s main focus is to design for the modern day woman that is still in touch with her heritage.

The word Mati itself is an authentic version of the word mother in Serbian. Mati represents the mother figures all around us, the ones that carried us for 9 months, birthed us, took care of us, raised us and/or taught us values in life. Mati also refers back to the motherland of Serbia and Serbian as the mother tongue. Each Mati product carries an important cultural awareness within itself. The modern day woman wearing Mati clothing will not only be stylish but will be wearing a piece of history, tradition, culture or soul with every step she takes.

The house of Mati has been founded by two women who now happen to be mothers and crossed paths “by chance” due to their love for their heritage, country, people and humanitarian spirits. Aleksandra was born and raised in Serbia. While Mia was born and raised in Canada. In some designs you will find ties to their family home towns of Guča and Foča. The two women met in 2018 in Vienna and have had an inseparable friendship turned into business partnership since. Aleksandra Trifunović has a degree in law and Mia Ćalić has a degree in architecture but together with their passion for fashion and Serbia they bring to you the House of Mati.