Тhe Story behind the main drawing for our Collection.

Тhe Story behind the main drawing for our Collection.

When Mia first approached me to draw for her architectural thesis, I had no idea how much bigger her vision was for this piece. Being a creative herself, there was something special in deciding to have an "outsider" illustrate her message, providing a fresh new perspective to the topic. The passion she shared for her heritage and the love we both had for architecture fueled the creative process from its infancy. 

Her thesis research infused depth and meaning into the commission, as she selected the various monasteries to represent. 

With every new ruin added to the collection of references, we layered on another fragment of time...until it became whole.
After many iterations, the fragments revealed their true form: stone and debris, weaving together into a symbolic cross.
In some instances throughout the inking process, I felt the piece was drawing itself, as if it yearned to be born.

I have always loved drawing imaginary ruins of the fantasy kinds, but this was different. Every mark I made for every ruin included brought me closer to the reality of each of their stories. In the end, I was transformed by the cultural significance these monasteries have played in keeping the history of Kosmet alive in the modern day.


If these stones could really speak, let us hear, feel and wear the beautiful story of Mati. Let this illustration be a collection of fragments, coming together, to rebuild faith for the future. For each purchased item meticulously crafted with this illustration, a kind donation will be made to benefit the children of Kosmet. This is my way of giving back and to celebrate this rich heritage with you. 
Sarah Obtinalla
(find more of Sarah's drawings on her instagram @greydiance ) 
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